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APA (American Psychology Association) is the most frequently used citation style in referencing. This style is mostly used with social sciences with the aim of citing various kinds of sources (secondary sources in most instances). Currently, the 6th Edition is in use in regards to the APA manual. This edition provides the general format that should be used in writing up the reference page as well as in making in-text citations. There is a public manual in place that offers comprehensive guidelines on how to cite and write up the reference page using the APA style: the Publication Manual of the American Psychology Association.

            In some instances, there is an APA citation generator provided by resources for secondary material and by google books among other sources of secondary scholarly material. The APA referencing style and citation generators offer citation in regards to the manual on a wide variety of resources. These include books, magazines, journal articles, newspapers, websites, interviews, films, encyclopedias, photographs, television/ radio shows and broadcasts, as well as lecture.

          In essence, in-text citations at the end of a sentence involve the reference used cited with the author name and year: for example (Marcus, 2010). The same applies within sentences and at the beginning where citations involve the authors and the year pf the publication. When the reference has to authors, for example, it can be written as (Marcus & Lewis, 2010) with the word ‘and’ used between the names within the sentence. When the reference has more than two authors, the citation takes only the name of the first author as referenced and year then depicted as (Marcus et al, 2010).


            In formatting a paper that has followed APA style of referencing, the paper needs to have a separate cover page, a separate reference/ appendices page, and the contents in other pages. The head is usually at the left top of every page with the page number on the top right. However, the phrase ‘Running head’ is used to introduce the head in the cover page- the head then runs in all other pages at the top.

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